Hospitality Mastermind Jean-Claude Ghosn’s Untimely Passing  

Hospitality Mastermind Jean-Claude Ghosn’s Untimely Passing  


Jean-Claude Ghosn, the man behind Ghia Holding a brand which counts Abd el Wahab, DUO, Ahwak, Fabrk, and El Denye Hek among its F&B concepts has sadly passed away.  

Jean-Claude Ghosn, a well-respected restaurateur who left his mark on the hospitality sector, has died.

With 10 restaurants in Lebanon and 13 abroad (Dubai, Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UK), Ghosn’s motto in life was: “Perseverance and consistency are the basics of a good restaurant”.

Under his leadership, GHIA Holding successfully innovated its back-of-house system processes in 2019, enabling the brand to reduce its costs and maintain profit margins despite the economic downturn.

Before his passing, Ghosn spoke to Hospitality News Middle East about his plans to innovative delivery and launch more friendly menus, because he believed these were the main F&B trends for 2020. He was also developing more branches of Ahwak and Abd el Wahab outside Lebanon, especially in KSA and Egypt.

The Lebanese F&B sector has lost one of its champions, a kind and inspiring soul who will be deeply missed by all who knew him and worked with him.


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