Interview with the Go! Getter Ziad Kamel

Interview with the Go! Getter Ziad Kamel

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Ziad Kamel, CEO and founder of Cloud Restaurants is an effervescent entrepreneur with an insatiable passion for the hospitality sector and an untampered enthusiast that is best portrayed in his brands: Go! Greek, Go! Healthy, Go! Pasta, Go! Chinese, Go! Noodle, Go! Risotto & Pasta.

With a life motto such as “Stay active. Be kind. Eat well”, HN tries to keep up with the fast-paced restaurateur whose enthusiast is contagious.

1. How many branches do you own and where are they located?
14, all of which are in the UAE.

2. How do you plan to adapt to and recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and what do you expect to be the ‘new normal’ in its aftermath?
The ‘new normal’ for the restaurant industry after Covid-19 will be a mix of old and new strategies. Old strategies will include maintaining liquidity, managing cashflow and having a healthy operating cash buffer of at least six months, lowering fixed overheads and shifting investments to low capital expenditure opportunities. New strategies, meanwhile, will encompass innovating offerings online, shifting the sales mix from dine-in to pick-up and delivery, adding revenue streams, like cook-it-yourselfhome- kits and catering, and developing 100 percent delivery-only businesses.

3. What is the highlight of your year?
Growing our Cloud Restaurant business from one brand to six and increasing orders from 1,000 per month to 12,000, all while remaining profitable.

4. How is your restaurant going green?
I believe sustainability must represent a core value for every business and for every household. Cloud Restaurants is going green by using only the most sustainable food delivery packaging across all our facilities.

5. What trends do you forecast?
The year 2020 will witness the rise of the food delivery business globally, with growth and innovation in cloud restaurants, cloud kitchens, technology and logistics.

6. What are your upcoming projects?
We’re developing and launching our Cloud Restaurant brands in my home country – the UAE – and internationally.

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