Chateau Ksara is one of Lebanon’s top touristic destinations

Chateau Ksara is one of Lebanon’s top touristic destinations



With a history that spans over 160 years, Chateau Ksara has become one of Lebanon’s most visited destinations because of the heritage it holds, as well as the quality and variety of wine that it produces.

Today, the Ksara estate has managed to keep attracting visitors from all parts of Lebanon, in addition to foreigners who visit the winery.

Only a year ago, Chateau Ksara welcomed 66,000 visitors to explore the grounds of its winery, securing its place as the third most visited destination in Lebanon, according to the Ministry of Tourism.  

Throughout 2017, from January till this past November, the number of recorded visitors increased to 80,000, an impressive jump that indicates an uninterrupted double-digit growth for the brand’s business endeavors.

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As wine-tourism continues to be popular all through the two decades of the 21st century, Chateau Ksara ceases every opportunity to enhance and perfect the experience it offers at the estate – a detailed demonstration of how the wine is made, a guided tour around the 2,000-year-old Roman wine cellars, and a rich wine tasting session to pleasure the most eccentric palate.

Dikran Ghazal, general manager of Chateau Ksara said:  “This only shows the importance of Chateau Ksara as a pioneer in Lebanon’s wine tourism – a symbol that represents a prosperous land, even during political turmoil.”


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