Le Sushi Bar’s new design and location

Le Sushi Bar’s new design and location


Le Sushi Bar

After two decades of delighting diners in Ashrafieh, Le Sushi Bar is celebrating its 21st anniversary by moving to Downtown! It opened in 1998 and has since been serving an eclectic menu of Japanese cuisine along with one of the largest selections of signature dishes. The secret to its longevity and endless appeal is quite simply great attention to detail, innovation, dedication to perfection, continuous evolution and adaptation to new trends.

A new look and feel

Le Sushi Bar’s stylish urban atmosphere just got a little more vibrant with a fresher take on Japanese design. Gregory Gatserelia, who worked on the previous architecture of Le Sushi Bar, developed a modern approach for the new address while paying homage to traditional Asian aesthetics. Bold, contemporary and artistic, he is the Co-founder of Gatserelia Design who already executed a wide range of nightclubs, bars, shopping malls, retail stores, hotels, restaurants and apartments across the world. He draws on extensive research and practice in adopting a holistic philosophy geared towards functionality, cost-effectiveness, sustainability and a good understanding of space. Le Sushi Bar’s stylish interior is further accentuated with the subtle pieces by furniture designer Karim Chaaya, while Hala Matta’s Raku potteries exude harmony, reverence, purity and tranquility. The bamboo, used abundantly, fuses modern with the traditional to reflect virtue and prosperity. The result is of timeless elegance that fits perfectly with its new neighborhood. In addition to having scrutinized every single aspect of the space and essential to the exquisite dining experience is music, which will be curated using exquisite playlists by Caline Chidiac with sound engineering by Fida Zalloum.

A new approach to food

In optimizing the established brand experience, Chefs Reif Othman, Jun Tomioka and Kory Takashi, all former executive chefs at Zuma, were called upon to tweak the cooking techniques and reinvented the great taste of all dishes on offer using various layers of umami-rich ingredients. Reif Othman is a multi-award-winning chef whose work has been instrumental in transforming the culinary landscape of Dubai and the Emirates. Furthermore, and for those who enjoy indulging their sweet tooth, pastry chef Adi Pramono has crafted a special new desserts menu that will surely seal the experience with a lip-smacking note.

A new bar

A new feature at Le Sushi Bar is the redesigned 13-meter-long cocktail bar that promises to creatively make each drink more than just a cocktail, rather a true experience. Crafted with unparalleled attention to detail, guests can now choose from an exceptional drinks menu with the option of enjoying dinner at the bar.

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