Lebanese Bakery’s Bold Expansion

Lebanese Bakery’s Bold Expansion


Engineer Bassam Chamoun and his architect brother, Samer, are passionate about food. Together, they founded the Lebanese Bakery, a concept promoting Lebanese flatbreads as a popular food item. Thanks to the authenticity, simplicity and creativity of their delicious products, the duo has been reaping the benefits of international success.

Can you tell us more about The Lebanese Bakery’s recent expansion? 

We’ve recently opened in Cairo and inaugurated our second London site in Harrods. Both locations are very strategic. Cairo is an important market; our flagship branch is in Maadi, a vibrant neighborhood with a demanding clientele.  Harrods is a prestigious milestone that we are proud of. It was challenging adapting the design and fine-tuning the menu and service to fit its high standards.

Why did you decide to expand during this critical time, and what challenges have you faced?  

Most of the expansion was previously planned. The closing of the borders and travel bans prevented us from providing on-site support and the training needed for a proper launch. We are developing an online platform and digitizing all of our training manuals.

What expansion plans do you have for the future?  

We will open a branch in U-Walk, Riyadh next month. Next year will be very busy for us, with two other Gulf cities in the pipeline. Even though the region is of great importance to us, we are largely interested in expanding in the West. America is definitely a target.


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