Nespresso unveils Nespresso World Explorations

Nespresso unveils Nespresso World Explorations


Nespresso World Explorations, a new coffee range by Nespresso, will allow coffee lovers to discover and enjoy diverse coffee tastes of the world. The coffee range builds on the popular Lungo collection, which showcases distinct coffees inspired by the cities of Cape Town, Tokyo, Stockholm and Vienna, with the addition of two new cups inspired by Shanghai and Buenos Aires.

The World Explorations range features the intense Cape Town Envivo Lungo and Stockholm Fortissio Lungo as well as the more balanced Vienna Linizio Lungo and Tokyo Vivalto Lungo. The two new mild cups of Shanghai Lungo and Buenos Aires Lungo are inspired by the flavor profiles typical of these Asian and South American cities.

The Nespresso World Explorations coffee range and accessories are available online and at Nespresso boutiques as of January 20. 

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