Ouda W Dar pioneers the next best thing in home-renting

Ouda W Dar pioneers the next best thing in home-renting


Ouda W Dar is a new online rental platform that connects travelers seeking authentic experiences with hosts offering unique spaces around the world. Founder, Sarah Berjaoui, explained, “If I had told you a few years ago that an increasing number of people would be staying in strangers’ homes, I doubt you would have believed me. Nowadays though, most of us already have courtesy of vacation rental platforms such as Airbnb. This created a new kind of ‘hotelier’, namely the home owners who are looking to increase their income. However, guests are no longer satisfied with paying less for less, as they want to stay in an Airbnb and have the hotel experience. To address this matter, after managing luxury villas and properties in Greece, Mykonos and London for the past 20 years, we observed the need to further expand our presence in the estimated USD 170 billion market, especially given that annual rental growth in Beirut is at 88 percent, Dubai at 107 percent and Cairo at a whopping 297 percent.” Ouda w Dar was created to fully capitalize on this ever-growing trend in anticipation of what Berjaoui believes will become a highly requested service. “We list the properties on multiple platforms, as well as handle all related guest operations, such as cleaning, laundry, check in/out and price optimization. Furthermore, we offer guests bespoke services provided by our third-party partners who facilitate the searching, booking and paying processes related to meals, and nanny and concierge services.” The company manages over 20 properties around Greater Beirut and is currently converting three mountain and sea-front properties into authentically unique guesthouses, coupled with a broad range of hospitality services.

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