Ripples-Chandon launch world’s first interactive cocktail

Ripples-Chandon launch world’s first interactive cocktail



Ripples, the revolutionary beverage-top media platform partnered with sparkling wine producer Chandon part of Moët Hennessy Group to become the first global brand to adopt the Ripple Maker counter-top beverage printer technology across its entire business. The aim is to reinvent the cocktail experience with the world’s first interactive global campaign, featuring messages and images printed on cocktail foam.

Chandon will launch its new capability at VivaTech 2019 in Paris. The installation of 25 Ripple Makers will then commence at key Chandon bars and facilities across seven countries, including the USA, Argentina, Brazil, India, Japan, France and Australia.

“Our partnership with Ripples represents a really exciting opportunity for Chandon to share sparkling moments with consumers around the world. Leveraging new Chandon cocktails developed specifically for the Ripples campaign, we can not only showcase the quality of our wines, but by printing customized messages on to cocktail foam, we can now also interact with our consumers in a completely different way, live, and worldwide. Not only does this provide consumers with the ideal medium for sharing their Chandon experience via social media, but it also perfectly demonstrates the innovative nature of our business,” commented Morgane Pont-Bruyns, Chandon Trademarketing and Innovation Director.

To complement the Chandon campaign, Ripples has also introduced a new and unique red ink. Developed from carrot extract, the new ink is 100% natural and will feature on several Chandon sparkling wine-based alcoholic drinks such as the ‘Chandon Colada’, ‘Chandon Strawberry’ and a ‘Lychee Cocktail’.

Utilizing Ripples’ ability to provide intuitive customer-facing apps for increased brand control and greater consumer engagement, the company has also designed a custom Chandon Facebook Messenger Bot. This facility provides Chandon with a branded platform from which to engage consumers and enable them to send images, quickly and easily, to the Ripple Maker within customized Chandon frames.

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