The Lowdown on Malak al Tawouk with CEO Joseph Sami Saade

The Lowdown on Malak al Tawouk with CEO Joseph Sami Saade


Since opening in 1996, Malak al Tawouk has gone from strength to strength. Now, the Lebanese fast-food chain has entered the European market. Joseph Sami Saade, the firm’s CEO, tells us more.

What can you tell us more about your collaboration with Conshierto SAS Master, which resulted in the opening of Malak Al Tawouk in France?
We have two main priorities at Malak al Tawouk: building and strengthening our brand; and expanding our iconic Lebanese brand. These factors led to our collaboration with Conshierto SAS Master. We are delighted that the opening of our restaurant in France was such a massive hit.

Why did you decide to open in France specifically?
The interest in Lebanese cuisine and the country’s vibrant economy represented an excellent growth opportunity for Malak al Tawouk. We have already seen France’s Lebanese community embrace Malak al Tawouk, and we now have the chance to bring the best of our brand and its rich history of providing customers with quality food, value and service since 1996 to France with established partners who have expertise in the industry and the country.

What are the challenges you are facing?
The strict Covid-19 protocols and the total lockdown are the major challenges that we are currently facing.

Can you describe your experience in the French market and your expectations?
The response from the community was beyond expectations. We were serving around 500 customers a day, and we believe we can achieve even more once things are back to normal.  

What are your future plans for the company?
We are planning to open more than five Malak al Tawouk restaurants across France over the next three years and to expand into Germany.

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