The Right Dose of Success

The Right Dose of Success


“Perseverance is an essential quality for success in life” is the mantra Imad Sadaka, CEO of Sadaka Group, lives by. We sat with him to discuss market challenges, growth opportunities and how to triumph.

What can you tell us about Dose SAL, the newest entity of Sadaka Group?
Dose SAL combines 25 years of experience in the trade of raw materials for the bakery, pastry and HORECA industries. Building on its product mix and smart planning, Dose SAL constantly offers the finest products at the best prices.

How have your personal experiences contributed to the success of the company?
I made sure that the golden combination of innovation, hiring the right talent, networking and hard work was well established in the company. Over the years, we’ve learned that in times of crisis, companies should expand their activities through portfolio diversification to ensure continuity and success.

What challenges are you facing, and how are you coping with them?
Challenges are a chance for companies to be flexible. At Dose SAL, we look at challenges as opportunities for growth.
The Lebanese economic crisis has been an obstacle for many companies, but thanks to our growing international network, we have been able to overcome it and provide the local market with quality products at very competitive prices.

Do you have expansion plans or new product in the pipeline?
In 2020, Dose SAL diversified its activities through its private label and F&B consulting entities. Our plans are to strengthen the presence of our new entities in our current markets (Lebanon, KSA, UAE) and expand to new destinations, namely Iraq.
By releasing new products on a regular basis, we have become a one-stop shop for pastry and bakery raw materials.

How do you perceive the new normal?
Post COVID-19, businesses will need to find the right balance between old ways of working and new ones. We must stop assuming that things will go back to how they were and, instead, start thinking about how to manage a distributed workforce. It is important to implement practices to speed up decision-making during a crisis.
Finally, we should start redesigning supply chains to optimize speed and implement an enterprise risk management framework to anticipate and prepare for future crises, whatever they may be. Sustainable development goals (SDGs) should be the drivers of business in the future.

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