Tomado launches its new online store

Tomado launches its new online store


Joanne Azwat, project manager of Tomado SARL, discusses the company’s new and exciting e-commerce website: TomadoStore.

What can you tell us about
The online TomadoStore offers fast shipping in just 48 hours, the best prices and outstanding customer service. It is able to serve professionals and consumers in the GCC countries as well as in Europe.

What have been the biggest challenges you have faced in creating
The toughest challenge has been the economic situation in Lebanon as a result of the devaluation of the Lebanese pound.

What response have you had to the new website, and what is your top-selling product online?
So far, our clients are very satisfied with the service and the range of products available. Our top-selling items are relatively small in size, easy to carry and fast to ship, such as our meat mincers, convection ovens, knives and small accessories.

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