When luxury meets exclusivity: The Karl Lagerfeld Hotel Collection

When luxury meets exclusivity: The Karl Lagerfeld Hotel Collection


Paul Tsalikis

Designer fashion house Karl Lagerfeld and Vanity Group, one of the leading global luxury hotel amenity providers, announced a partnership to supply an exclusive line of skincare and haircare amenities to high end hotels around the globe. HN chatted with Vanity Group’s Founder and CEO, Paul Tsalikis to learn more about this collaboration.

Tell us more about the collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld and the exciting range of hotel amenities you will be introducing 

Working with one of the world’s most globally recognized and respected brands has been a humbling experience. As part of the partnership, we’ll be supplying an exclusive bathroom collection to high end hotels across the world. Inspired by an innate rock-chic style, the hotel line blends classic and contemporary influences to create a new era of in-room experiences. The core collection includes shampoo, conditioner, hand and body wash, hand and body lotion and a soap bar embossed with the Karl Lagerfeld cameo. Extension items in the range include a lip balm, eye cream, face cream, face wash, hand cream and bath salts.

Karl Lagerfeld is one of the most renowned brands in the world and we are extremely proud to be a partner.

What makes this collection stand out? 

When a guest’s steps into the hotel bathroom and they’re met with a globally recognized and celebrated brand, like Karl Lagerfeld, their immediate reaction is of overwhelming excitement and delight! They know they’re about to be spoilt with some of the world’s best hotel bathroom collections only found in the most prestigious establishments. Endorsed and followed by the world’s most highly regarded and celebrated celebrities; guests and hotel operators become part of this experiential journey. The bold yet clean and contemporary packaging leans on the brand’s modern aesthetic. It’s super design led and compliments the luxury hotel bathroom setting.

The collection is a true celebration of the ethos of the Karl Lagerfeld brand. It balances timeliness and contemporary style while taking inspiration from Parisian classics.

Agrumes et Vétiver combines top notes of citrus fruits with warm base notes of vetiver wood and musk to create a refreshing earthy scent. Meanwhile Mûrier et Santal is burst with soaring fruity notes. It’s deep and evocative scent tinged with hints of red berries for a splash of fruity notes that are balanced with creamy musk and sandalwood.

When you see the Karl Lagerfeld Hotel Collection in the bathroom, we recommend you clear your schedule and head straight to the shower!

When will it be first rolled out and where?

The Karl Lagerfeld Hotel Collection will be available in the most exclusive hotels in the world, starting with a newly launched luxury boutique hotel in Brisbane, Australia called Hotel X. They were hand selected to be the brand’s inaugural hotel partner for its chic aesthetic and commitment to guest experience. 

The brand also has a presence in the hospitality segment with The Karl Lagerfeld Hotel in Macau expected to open soon with the bathroom collection. 

Excitedly, we’re also in talks with some of the world’s largest operators who have expressed interest in partnering with such a titan in the fashion industry to elevate their overall offering. The Karl Lagerfeld brand has so many exciting projects in the pipeline that are a great window for a hotel bathroom collection.

Do you believe it is the right time to deploy such a luxurious product? Amid uncertainty in the hospitality industry? (especially that most hotels’ haven’t yet restored what has been lost during COVID-19 pandemic?

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The hospitality industry has shown profound resilience during COVID-19. It’s been comforting chatting to hoteliers who have spent the last twelve months exploring new opportunities to enhance guest experience. Hotels are more than a bed. They’re an opportunity for escapism, for rest, for rejuvenation. They’re a destination to create unforgettable memories. 

The market will bounce back. And when they do, hotels will be ready to truly indulge their guests with luxurious in-room experiences. Such a beautiful storytelling opportunity presents itself when stocking a brand with the gravitas of Karl Lagerfeld. 

Are you planning on tackling the MENA region?

Vanity Group has a presence within the GCC with our flagship Dubai office and experienced on the ground team. We also have a direct distribution center based out of the UAE enabling us to launch innovative new programs with some of the world’s most coveted partners. We’re thrilled to be bolstering the Vanity Group portfolio in the Middle East.

Which markets are you considering?

Vanity Group has a global footprint, the Karl Lagerfeld amenities collection will mirror this. When it comes to the Middle East, currently we service the entirety of the GCC with a direct model – no market will be left unturned!

Which hotels will be collaborating with you? Will you be only targeting five-star hotels and ultra luxurious properties?

The Karl Lagerfeld brand is synonymous with luxury. As such, only the most prestigious hotels and resorts will be invited to the hotel line. It’s crucial we maintain the brand’s global image, ensuring hotels who join the amenities program share similar values and brand integrity. 

What challenges are you anticipating?

The demand for the collection has been overwhelming. Our biggest challenge will be the selection process! It’s a great challenge to have! 

Where do you see the product in the next five years? and would you consider offering it for retail for hotel guests?

The Karl Lagerfeld amenities collection has been exclusively developed for the hospitality industry. The  Karl Lagerfeld brand team will continue to focus on their other programs, including retail.

Over the next five years we anticipate exposure across some of the world’s most recognized boutique hotels and handpicked group operators. Perhaps even a global hotel partner!

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