WorldChefs Online General Meeting

WorldChefs Online General Meeting


World Association of Chefs’ Societies, the global network of chefs associations, held its first online meeting. The meeting was chaired by the association’s president, Thomas Gugler, and was attended by 150 online panelists from over 120 countries.

During the meeting, the decision was taken to hold the 2023 WorldChefs Congress in Singapore. Furthermore, the committee confirmed that the Russian Culinary Association would host the 2026 congress.

Commenting on the meeting, Lebanese chef Joe Barza said: “The WorldChefs association gives chefs an added value and the opportunity to lobby and have a say in the world. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of our president, Thomas A. Gugler, many chefs have joined the association and have had the opportunity to be highlighted. “

In a special message addressed to the Lebanese chefs post-Beirut’s port blast, Thomas A. Gugler said: “Stay strong and believe in the ‘POWER OF THE WHITE JACKET.’”

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