High-quality UAE blueberries to access Far East markets

High-quality UAE blueberries to access Far East markets

Elite Global Fresh Trading (EGFT), a subsidiary of Yas Holding’s Food & Agriculture division, Elite Agro (EAG), and a leading UAE trader of fresh produce, has secured export agreements to take their farm grown blueberries to Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

During this year’s harvest season from January to May, EAG expects to increase its output of blueberries to 290 tons, compared to 210 tons in 2021. The company first planted its blueberry saplings in 2017. Since then, it has expanded its production of blueberries to accommodate a growing demand for the superfood.

EAG grows four exclusive varieties of blueberries at their Al Foah farm in Al Ain, which covers an area of 12 hectares with 20 greenhouses. Each greenhouse contains 3,350 blueberry plants that thrive in a climate-controlled environment enabled by automated technology.

Through expanded production and regular planned exports to Asian markets, EGFT is demonstrating its commercial strength, in line with the UAE’s food security strategy. The company has also exponentially reduced the farm-to-shelf time for blueberries, increasing flavour retention and maximising freshness for their customers, as part of their mission to produce high quality food customers can trust.

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In order to ensure the quality and freshness customers expect from Elite Berry, EAG will implement special temperature control requirements in the post-production process at its packing facility to ensure its high quality produce stays fresh for longer until it reaches its final international customers.

EAG also has expertise in sustainable farming gained from operating over 30 local and international farms, demonstrating its strong position as a key player in the food and agriculture industry. It has a successful track record of growing and supplying high-quality fruits and vegetables including raspberry and blackberry varieties, strawberries and potatoes to the local market, amongst other fresh produce.

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