Kuwait to rely on tourism to boost its economy

Kuwait to rely on tourism to boost its economy

Kuwait is seeking to develop its tourism sector as an important economic resource based on its promising development plan ‘New Kuwait 2035’, supported by its geographical location, and driven by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah’s vision to transform the country into a commercial and financial center.

Kuwait is working on developing sustainable tourism and promoting investment in this sector, which is based on a number of strong foundations.

The hotels sector in Kuwait has grown significantly with the establishment of a series of new projects that added value to existing hotels. In recent years, Kuwait has been keen on providing more support to the tourism sector as one of the economic sectors that provide jobs for national employment and its importance in promoting Kuwaiti identity.

Kuwait relies on tourism as an investment in order to reduce unemployment rates, diversify sources of national income and reduce dependency on oil.

Kuwait’s long-term tourism growth strategy has been buoyed by the number of passengers flying through the airport to more than 10 million passengers a year, in line with the country’s plans to develop and expand its transport infrastructure. These plans include the expansion of Kuwait International Airport (Terminal 2) to increase the capacity of the airport to accommodate 25 million passengers, as well as other projects, such as the Kuwait Expressway and the railway network, all of which are included in the Kuwait 2035 plan.

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Based on this data, the World Tourism Organization said in 2015 that Kuwait is very ready to be an important tourist destination in the region because of the fundamentals that are suitable for the establishment of sustainable tourism.

The organization expected that Kuwait would achieve an advanced position in the region in the coming years due to the list of activities and tourism services that it owns, including hotels, restaurants, transportation, leisure facilities, and economic, medical and scientific centers.

According to government estimates, the tourism sector is expected to provide more than 90,000 jobs for young people until 2035. The total contribution to tourism in the short-term GDP will be about two percent, with the possibility of raising it to four percent through developing the sector that will attract foreign investment.


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