World’s first automatic flatbread making robot launches in the Middle East

World’s first automatic flatbread making robot launches in the Middle East


After tremendous success in US, Singapore, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, Rotimatic, the first automatic flatbread making robot, is set to launch in the Middle East.


Rotimatic, is an IoT-enabled invention in the space of kitchen robotics that completely automates the flat bread making process. An innovation that comes after decades, and being the only gadget that is AI and IoT enabled, it is the first step towards the future of kitchen.


“Rotimatic was designed to solve a basic problem. 25 percent of the world’s population eats flatbread. It has to be eaten fresh, and making at home is tedious and requires specialized skill, so people have to resort to frozen, unhealthy alternatives, or stop eating flatbread. As a mechanical engineer, I decided to change this. The solution was an elegant, fully automatic, home-use, robotic, future-proof, IoT-enabled – Rotimatic. The process of making flatbreads has changed drastically. With industrialization and real estate prices soaring, traditional bakeries have not been able to sustain themselves and buying habits have moved to supermarkets with people buying pre-packaged and frozen food. This applies to Middle East too. With Rotimatic, we are reversing the process. We are empowering people to eat healthy and fresh in their homes”, said Pranoti Nagarkar, inventor, cofounder and CTO of Zimplistic Pte. Ltd.


People from UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia can now join the waitlist and get their very own Rotimatic.


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“The decision to launch in the Middle East came after considering the growing demand from the region. We have a strong waitlist of over a 75,000 from the six countries and it was only a matter of time before we decided to launch. We are coming to the Middle East after achieving USD 20 million in revenue in just the first year of sales. This goes to show that we have a strong product that can cater to the needs of the Middle East market”, said Rishi Israni, CEO, Zimplistic Pte. Ltd.


Rotimatic taps into a completely new market with no direct competition. It is the world’s first and has a robust track record. 250,000 units have been delivered so far. Not just that, Rotimatic has something for everyone. It is equipped to make many kinds of unleavened flatbread. From rotis, puris, masala rotis, pita bread to pizza, tortilla, wraps, millet flour and gluten free, Rotimatic opens up the kitchen to endless possibilities.


It took the inventors eight years of R&D to design a gadget that could not just simplify the flat bread making process but also allow creativity without compromising on health and time. The success is visible by the growing number of Rotimatic adopters and the product acceptance. 10 million rotis have been made in just 11 months with and users making 35-40 rotis per week times. These number will only get bigger post the launch in Middle East.



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