The ‘100 Chefs’ to be revealed on November 26

The ‘100 Chefs’ to be revealed on November 26

On Sunday 26 November, the 2018 ‘100 Chefs’ ranking by Le Chef magazine will be revealed, followed by the Top 10 award ceremony.


This international benchmark, which was created in 2015 by Francis Luzin, is different in that the awards are allocated by industry professionals. The winning chefs are not those who have passed some kind of technical test, or who have transformed the running of their restaurant, but rather those who have earned the appreciation, respect and recognition of their peers.


To decide between the winners, 528 two-star and three-star chefs were interviewed and asked to freely and anonymously respond to the following questions: “In your opinion, which five international chefs best transmit the values of the profession, have created a noteworthy style of cuisine, and have a restaurant that is an absolute must-try?”

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For the second time running, the 100 most noteworthy faces in the profession and the top 10 will be announced in front of the winners, exclusively during the Chefs World Summit! This unprecedented award ceremony will be followed by a cocktail reception hosted by chefs on the organization committee, Régis Marcon, Annie Feolde and Bent Stiansen, the highly esteemed French and international patrons of this second summit.




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