Sinless Chocolate Recipes

Sinless Chocolate Recipes

Who said chocolate has to be naughty? These mouthwatering recipes are both healthy and vegan, so you can enjoy them without the guilt.



90g double expresso
35g dextrose
17g inverted sugar
30g glucose
3.5g soy protein
205g Malchoc Dark (dark chocolate with no added sugar) CALLEBAUT.
40g coconut butter

Brew the expresso. Add the dextrose, inverted sugar, glucose and soy protein, and dissolve completely. Pour the mixture over the Malchoc Dark and emulsify. Add the coconut butter and emulsify.

Pour into the chocolate shells when the ganache is 29 degrees.

100g pumpkin seeds
100g pistachios
100g sugar
80g honey
40g glucose
300g cream 35.2% EVEN.
10g sorbitol
10g butter
200g oats
45g Milk Chocolate 845 (extra milky taste) CALLEBAUT.
100g soy protein

Roast the pumpkin seeds and pistachios at 160 degrees for six to eight minutes. Cook the rest of the ingredients at 103/104 degrees. Add the melted chocolate, the soy protein and finally some of the roasted seeds and pistachios.

Spread over a pan and allow to cool. Cut into squares, or alternatively break into a crumble. Decorate with some of the roasted seeds and pistachios.

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