A Snapshot of Tomorrow’s Hospitality Industry Today – Glion Institute

A Snapshot of Tomorrow’s Hospitality Industry Today – Glion Institute


Founded in 1962, the Glion Institute of Higher Education is a private Swiss entity offering bachelor and master degrees in hospitality, luxury and event management to an international student body. It is ranked among the world’s top-five higher education institutions for employer reputation in hospitality management. Georgette Davey, managing director of the school, talks to HN about what sets this institution apart.

What are the programs on offer, how do these differ from other courses and what are the enrolment requirements?
The school offers hospitality management degrees based on the Swiss model of experiential learning. These enable students to develop business acumen and soft skills through real-world contexts, such as practical arts immersion and on/off-campus internship semesters. With students representing more than 90 nationalities, Glion also offers a uniquely international environment that fosters the development of multicultural competence. Admission requirements vary by program, but generally, BBA applicants must have successfully completed secondary school, while those applying to the MSc or dual MBA-MSc degree must hold a BA degree and previous work experience.

What kinds of skills do these programs focus on and how important is previous experience?
Through practical arts immersion, undergraduate students develop soft skills and an understanding of hospitality operations alongside award-winning culinary and service professionals. They further cultivate their teamwork and leadership skills through two internship semesters, which enable them to apply academic theory to a real-world context. In the classroom, students are exposed to essential business topics, including finance, marketing and talent management. The graduate programs on offer for career changers and hospitality professionals all combine rigorous theory with applied learning.

Are these programs designed to address individual/market needs?
One of the benefits of a Glion education is that students can tailor their program to best suit their own professional goals and interests with a wide range of specializations to choose from. For example, at the undergraduate level, students can specialize in Luxury Brand Management in Hospitality, International Hotel Development and Finance, or International Event Management. Led by faculty members with extensive industry experience, complemented by expert guest speakers bringing real-life case studies to the classroom, these specializations equip students with the skills to succeed in a competitive international market.

Upon graduation, will the candidates merit any special consideration pertaining to employment?
Our graduates offer a level of international experience, skills and professionalism that is highly attractive to employers, which is reflected in our excellent graduate employment rate, with more than 90 percent of our students receiving a job offer upon graduation.

What will be some of the most sought-after positions in tomorrow’s market?
A need for luxury brand managers — and curators of luxury experiences — is likely to increase around the world, particularly in markets such as China, where demand for luxury goods and experiences is growing fast. With this in mind, Glion organizes a luxury conference each year in which industry leaders are invited to share their insights, affording students the opportunity to learn about the latest trends, innovations and challenges in the hospitality and luxury sectors.

Do you envision the emergence of future hospitality positions that don’t yet exist?
The digital disruption of the hospitality industry has brought about many new career opportunities. At Glion, courses in areas such as digital marketing are designed to immerse students in the latest technology and business strategies with special emphasis on growing the value of customer-centric skills. Companies in the hospitality industry and beyond now realize the importance of delivering unique client experiences; as a result, we will likely find more positions that emphasize the management of events, guest relations and service excellence.


Glion Institute
Georgette Davey
Managing Director

“A need for luxury brand managers – and curators of luxury experiences – is likely to increase around the world”

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