16 under 30: Rima Chammaa Chehab

16 under 30: Rima Chammaa Chehab


Rima Shammaa Chehab, 28
Managing partner, NABAT Organic

Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance, MBA
Place of study
Rafic Hariri University, Lebanon
University of Tulsa, US
First job
Accountant at Miratech, US
“Persistence and focus are key to success.”
Ultimate goal in life
“Be happy, positive, and do good in your community.”
Advice for the next generation
“Do not follow the crowd, do what you’re truly passionate about. Passion is what brings out the best in each one of us.”

Encouraged by her parents, who are both doctors, Rima Shammaa Chehab always made sure she and her siblings ate healthy food and exercised regularly. Shammaa traveled to the US to pursue an MBA at the University of Tulsa. In 2015, she decided to head back to Lebanon and apply the experience and knowledge she’d gained to the family business, NABAT Organic, which has been supplying the market with certified organic products since 2003.

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