60 Seconds With Mohamad El Yassir, Whirlpool Corporation

60 Seconds With Mohamad El Yassir, Whirlpool Corporation

Following KitchenAid’s debut in Lebanon, HN spoke to Mohamad El Yassir, regional managing director for Middle East and Africa at Whirlpool Corporation, to find out more about market expectations

Why did you decide to launch KitchenAid in the Lebanese market?
We believe that what makes KitchenAid strong is our ability to play a defining role in terms of design, functionality and esthetics across our wide range of products, both SDA and MDA. The Lebanese market is evolving quickly toward a high-consumption state, with a large segment of the population looking for refined design and innovative technology in home appliances. The Lebanese consumer is known to be very sophisticated and passionate about premium style and design, and the demand for this caliber of appliances is greater than ever before. We recognize that KitchenAid has been much anticipated by our consumers in Lebanon and so we decided this was an opportune time.

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Who are your partners?
ACES SAL is our partner in Lebanon. We have enjoyed an 18-year-long partnership with ACES, which has yielded significant results for our business across our brand portfolio country wide. We are certain that this partnership with ACES SAL will drive further growth for Whirlpool Corporation and its brands in Lebanon.

What are your plans for the future?
We plan to expand the footprint of KitchenAid across other major markets in the Middle East and Africa. Our goals include potential entry into Egypt and Saudi Arabia.


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