A peck of perfection on Beirut’s Gouraud Street

A peck of perfection on Beirut’s Gouraud Street

Having opened in early August 2021, Peck has fast become a Beirut gem, dishing up succulent rotisserie chicken, as well as a selection of sandwiches, salads and sides. 

The cleverly named food joint was created by Omar Jheir, the founder of SIP coffee bar in Gemmayze, Beirut, and kohn, who handle the management of SIP.

“Peck was inspired by my last visit to Australia during lockdown, where everything was takeaway. I would walk with my wife to grab a chicken rotisserie once or twice a week, so I thought to myself that we don’t really have options when it comes to rotisserie chicken in our region,” says Jheir.

The entrepreneur then reached out to his friend Greg Malouf, a renowned chef and authority on Middle Eastern cuisine, who guided him and created the menu. “That’s really how it all started,” says Jheir. “Peck elevates the humble chicken shop but isn’t pretentious about it. Our relationships with our growers, farmers and producers continually inspires what we serve to our local community. Understanding where our food comes from is important, but being able to taste it at Peck is even better,” he adds.

Peck’s distinctive architecture is the work of Bruna Dagher, who has designed a space where the sensory experience, the visual connection with the semi-open kitchen and the immersive smell of Mediterranean flavors elegantly converge. Earthy tones, subtle textures and rich materials provide warmth and comfort, making Peck more than just with a quick pit stop.


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