Airbnb to acquire HotelTonight reimagining travel by building an end-to-end travel platform

Airbnb to acquire HotelTonight reimagining travel by building an end-to-end travel platform

Airbnb’s mission is to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere. To advance this mission, Airbnb is reimagining travel by building an end-to-end travel platform that combines where you stay, what you do, and how you get there, all in one place. Today, we are building on this work by signing an agreement to acquire HotelTonight. HotelTonight is a hotel-booking service focused on making last-minute trips easy and fun, offering guests seamless, on-demand booking for boutique and independent hotels.

A big part of building an end-to-end travel platform is serving every guest, whether they plan their trip a year or a day in advance.

Working with the incredible team at HotelTonight, we will offer guests an unparalleled last-minute travel experience that provides unique, memorable hospitality on every trip, on any schedule, at any time.

Brian Chesky, Airbnb cofounder, CEO and Head of Community, said: “Airbnb has built an unrivaled global community of hosts and guests—we can connect travelers to more than 6 million places to stay and tens of thousands of incredible experiences around the world. Airbnb “is now the most searched-for accommodations brand” according to one Google executive, and guests are using Airbnb for every kind of trip, including business and last-minute travel. Today, more than 400,000 companies are using Airbnb to help manage their travel, and same-day bookings are now growing 2x year over year. Welcoming more boutique hotels to our platform will help us deliver on our commitment to make Airbnb for everyone, providing guests the authentic, local experience they have come to expect on every trip.”

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He added: “We started HotelTonight because we knew people wanted a better way to book an amazing hotel room on-demand, and we are excited to join forces with Airbnb to bring this service to guests around the world. Together, HotelTonight and Airbnb can give guests more choices and the world’s best boutique and independent hotels a genuine partner to connect them with those guests.”

Sam Shank, cofounder & CEO of HotelTonight said that the acquisition of HotelTonight accelerates their work to build an end-to-end travel platform that serves everyone.

“We are making it easier for people who use Airbnb to find last-minute places to stay when Home hosts are often already booked. The availability of boutique hotels—in addition to private rooms and entire homes that are instantly bookable—helps ensure authentic, high-quality stays are available on-demand, especially at the last minute.

The HotelTonight team has developed deep relationships with boutique hotels and expertise in seamless, last-minute booking. HotelTonight is rooted in the same kinds of hospitality properties we have welcomed to the Airbnb community, and these boutique and independent hotels contribute the majority of HotelTonight’s business.”

The acquisition also meets demand from and for—boutique hotels It also supports home hosts.

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