ELD: A music fiesta starts tomorrow and plays electronic beats for a cause

ELD: A music fiesta starts tomorrow and plays electronic beats for a cause

When tech and music married in a perfect synergy, a new genre of rhythms was born: Electronic music. This popular music style that evolved into a true culture worldwide, will be taking Lebanon by storm starting tomorrow, but for a great noble cause this time.

Electronic Labor Day (ELD) is a three-day virtual electronic music festival led by Uberhaus, in partnership with top electronic music venues in Lebanon, including BO18 and Ballroom Blitz to name a few. It is also in association with the Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants, Cafes, Nightclubs and Pastries in Lebanon. The event will debut on Friday May 1 at 12 PM, and conclude on May 3 at 12 AM.

This music ‘marathon’ as the people behind it describe it, aims at raising funds for the non-managerial employees of the electronic music venues across Lebanon, who have been affected by COVID-19 and the difficult economic circumstances associated with this pandemic. 

Nemr Saliba

According to Nemer Saliba, co-founder of Uberhaus, the idea behind this musical festival is to take action and mobilize all electronic music lovers in the country and beyond to participate in saving the hospitality industry. He told HN that 170 DJs from 32 countries will take part. These include Rony Seikaly, and SAM’A from Palestine among others. They will all participate in spreading awareness and unity around music. The livestream will take place across multiple online rooms allowing fans to enjoy different music playing in parallel.

“It is the love of music that brought us together. If we had to close clubs because of COVID-19, we could have a livestream as an alternative,” Saliba said.  “We aim to call all our friends to join the cause of helping the labor force in Lebanese nightclubs, which consists of no less than 300 to 500 families,” he added. 

Saliba explained that they are aiming to gather one million attendees, and LL300 million in total donations. “We have managed to collect over LL80 million so far. We will keep donations ongoing even after the show ends to reach the targeted amount.” People can listen for free and donations start at USD 3. 

Participating promoters/clubs are:

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Tune in May 1st (12PM) until May 3rd (12 AM)

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