An experiential concept by Standalone Group

An experiential concept by Standalone Group

In the vibrant pulse of Beirut, Standalone Group stands as a pioneering powerhouse in the hospitality landscape.

Since its inception in 2017, this investment and brand management company has meticulously crafted a portfolio of five unique Food and Beverage brands, each serving as a testament to their unwavering dedication to refined quality and delivering unparalleled experiences. In the heart of Standalone Group’s philosophy lies a commitment to providing distinctive offerings that go beyond the ordinary, making each venue a unique expression of their vision for exceptional hospitality. These establishments include:

1. ELSE – A Fusion Restaurant and Cocktail Bar
2. SPINE – An Unorthodox Lounge Bar
3. ANU – A Bohemian Lounge Bar
4. HIDE – A Nightclub & Events Venue
5. MR. PANTHER – A High Energy Restaurant Bar (set to open in June 2024)

Led by a visionary CEO, Salim Ghanem, with 25 years of industry expertise, Standalone Group operates with integrity at its core. The journey began with SPINE, acclaimed internationally, and the group’s latest addition, ELSE, embodies the essence of unorthodox design.

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