Why it’s important to keep up with hospitality trends in 2024

Why it’s important to keep up with hospitality trends in 2024


Nazih Hafez, vice chairman of Sunset Hospitality Group, gives his opinion on why it’s important to keep pace with the latest hospitality trends.

The hospitality industry is more dynamic and competitive than ever. Therefore, businesses in the sector must stay ahead of the curve when it comes to adapting to emerging trends. Moreover, satisfying customers’ evolving needs is vital for driving innovation, boosting revenue, and ensuring sustainability in the long run.

The hospitality trends of 2024 are shaped by consumer preferences, evolving practices and innovation. Trend forecasting is crucial for adapting to market developments and guest expectations. Furthermore, today’s competition is heavy. For example, Dubai, with 13,000 seats, ranks second to Paris in restaurant density, highlighting the importance of adapting to industry trends.

Notably, the most successful businesses are constantly evolving. Furthermore, they keep up with the market trends, including responding to global events, marketing efforts, and culinary innovation. At Sunset Hospitality, we work tirelessly to continuously adapt, learn and evolve.

Trends to watch

Personalization across almost all businesses: many of our guests like to be made to feel special rather than anonymous customers. The rise of big data drives this.

Culinary experiences: while in the past there was an emphasis on the cuisine itself, today we’re seeing high demand for unique experiences, from immersive interiors, creative food menus and innovative cooking techniques, to warm hospitality and world-class entertainment. For example, you can see all that when a guest walks into a Sunset venue, all their senses are awakened.

While trends come and go, one thing that should always remain constant is delivering a memorable experience. The key to building a loyal customer base and standing out in a competitive industry like hospitality. It is all about remaining authentic, consistent and unique.


Nazih Hafez,
vice chairman of Sunset Hospitality Group

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