Maria Boustany Abi Nasr talks luxury events in Lebanon

Maria Boustany Abi Nasr talks luxury events in Lebanon

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With an impressive 14 years’ experience in PR and events management, Maria Boustany Abi Nasr has successfully positioned Chateau Rweiss as a first-class venue.  

How did you manage to make Chateau Rweiss the magnificent venue it is today?
Ever since the renovation of Chateau Rweiss in 2008 and the wedding of Maggie Farah and Ricardo Karam, the place became synonymous with luxury. Thanks to word of mouth, we were able to attract the biggest weddings not only in Lebanon but in the Middle East.
We have participated in regional and international conferences and exhibitions on weddings and have represented the industry as well as placed Lebanon’s name on the map as an excellent choice for destination weddings. Locally, we have established an open strategy, developing a close relationship with all local and regional wedding planners. We also adopted CSR strategies to give back to the community by taking on a different project every year; our latest was turning Chateau Rweiss into environmentally friendly venue, but this was sadly hindered by Covid-19.
Over the years, we’ve prioritized quality services and ethics. In 2019, we were voted the Best Wedding Property in the Middle East and won the ACE award in the Destination Wedding Planner’s Congress, Dubai.
Since 2020, we have been liaising with the Covid-19 committee on behalf of the industry to set the right safety measures in order to host weddings.

What has been the biggest and most luxurious event held at Chateau Rweiss?
Although 2012 was the best year for weddings, we were able to host a wedding for 800 people in 2020 that was designed by the renowned DesignLAb. We collaborated with Heba Al Bakri and Mooatasem Al Baba. It was a luxurious and refined high-end wedding with custom-made furniture, lighting design, international singers, a Dubai-based florist and a Middle Eastern team.

What do you have planned for Chateau Rweiss this summer?
We have remained optimistic about summer 2021, as we believe that Lebanese expats will defy the odds to have their weddings in Lebanon. We modified our strategy to accommodate smaller weddings by promoting our cozier areas and highlighting the simple trends that have emerged worldwide post pandemic. We held many talks with the international wedding community; our goal is to promote Lebanon as a safe wedding destination, especially after implementing the safety measures of the Covid-19 Committee.
As with other industries in Lebanon, our market has become more competitive as a result of the currency devaluation, and we are aiming to grab this opportunity to encourage expats to host their weddings in their homeland while taking into account their budgets without compromising on quality. We hope that our industry is able to provide vaccinations as fast as possible to help the country bounce back faster.

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