The key to the city

The key to the city

Key ApartHotel Beirut has managed to offer its guests a unique aspect while steering away from the monotony that often creeps into a structure’s design. HN finds out how

The independent, 87-room, 4-star deluxe apartment hotel is located in the heart of Beirut’s new residential and corporate area. The design remains elegant and quiet with feature ‘insta’ moments here and there, such as the inviting circular stairs to the MICE facilities below with floating ‘moons’ hovering above, the giant urban night photo of Beirut as you enter, the white textured back wall of the reception area resonating to the sounds of the city and the destructured giant mirror wall that mimics the modern glazed façades of the adjacent corporate buildings.

Colors are urban yet subdued, with various shades of white, grays and taupe allowing for a real sense of wellbeing. A lush outdoor garden lounge adds a sanctuary of isolation and escapism to the guest experience amid this dense urban fabric. Furniture is all sourced through signature design brands to add to the elegance and design twist of the place. The rooms are created like an oasis; all the required amenities have been carefully designed and integrated within the spaces to allow for minimal visual pollution and maximum relaxation.

The Cellar, the hotel’s on-site restaurant, is discreet in its charm and proudly showcases its collection of hand-picked sommelier reserves. Guests will enjoy fine dining while relaxing in an intimate ambiance, complete with abstract art and Bordeaux-red carpeting.

“Design as a featureless product reflects the present globality in which the anonymous object is given meaning by the people who use it and the fantasy it generates. It infuses artistic and cosmopolitan elements to create a serene urban oasis,” explained architect Galal Mahmoud, founder, GM Architects, who executed this project. The furnishings were sourced, designed and conceived specifically for the project by GM Architects, while the guest room furniture was produced in Lebanon. The signature designs found in the lobby and restaurant furnishings were created in partnership with B&B Italia, represented by Le Cercle Hitti. All of these elements combined create a 4-star deluxe property styled in cosmopolitan design and unabashed comfort. The hotel offers guests a variety of amenities such as its on-site restaurant, a market-style store with local products, a fully equipped gym and a conference center. The interior design of the hotel is sleek but comfortable, thanks to its warm colors and contemporary bespoke furnishings. Texture makes up a large quantity of the hidden design elements found throughout the hotel, from the walls reminiscent of crinkled paper to the large spheres of twinkling white hanging lamps.

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The two bedroom apartments, 75m2 suites feature a simple yet modern Cerulean sofa with contrasting pillows tying into the tones of the plush printed carpet and inter-galactic inspired paintings. Overall, the rooms offer guests an inviting escape that allows them to feel simultaneously at home and in luxury.

The main lobby features marble zig-zagging across the floor to where plush grey sofas await guests ready to check in. This extends into the restaurant, where a cut-out dividing wall gives the hotel its boutique charm. The restaurant’s waiting area features curved, red leather sofas and metallic grey modular low tables that reflect the modern esthetic of the hotel.

Deluxe rooms are warm with cherry-stained wood accenting and gray abstract maps of the surrounding Beirut neighborhood hanging above the navy and slate bedecked beds. These are ideal for couples and small families who want to relax while exploring the heart of Beirut.

Galal Mahmoud
GM Architects

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