Commercial kitchen equipment on a green mission

Commercial kitchen equipment on a green mission

Choosing the right equipment is fundamental to achieving success in hospitality. Innovative and unique technology can be extremely practical and efficient, as we discover with Helge Peter Pahlke FCSI, managing partner at KDREI.

In recent years, multifunctional cooking appliances have become popular due to the flexibility they offer. Combining multiple cooking functions in one, these modern and versatile machines take over several preparation methods at once, including roasting, baking, deep frying, steaming, grilling and gratinating. In addition, they are easy to handle, operate and clean, and environmentally friendly in terms of electricity and water consumption.

Here’s a small glimpse of the upcoming trends that I believe will be shaping the hospitality industry:

Chill the glass out!
Hygiene has become a focus since the pandemic began. Indeed, all industries have been scrutinized in terms of how they deal with hygiene practices. Frucosol’s innovative glass froster allows instant cooling of any type of glass. Not only is it slick and compact, the froster’s unique technology enhances the taste of any drink, as it doesn’t add any flavor and allows the ice to melt. It is the ideal accessory for chilling champagne flutes and white wine. Furthermore, it assists the service industry with hygiene, as the glasses are sterilized throughout the freezing process. Simply put, it boosts service quality at a lower cost.

A single oven that performs the job of three
Many of the latest innovations in foodservice center on single appliances that use the Internet of Things or cloud-based systems. Thanks to the integration of two or three chambers, it is possible to roast, bake, steam and grill simultaneously. These multifunctional ovens do not require a vent in most situations and reduce the need for connected loads, accelerating cooking capabilities using the patented structured air technology.
Alto-Shaam’s Converge Multi-Cook ovens are a great example, allowing users to steam, air-fry, bake and grill at the same time in up to three independent chambers.

A single surface for all
Hupfer’s revolutionary hot and cold plates make it possible to switch between hot and cold dishes within a short period of time on a single surface. For instance, it is possible to shift from 25 degrees to 90 degrees in two minutes.
In terms of design, consultants and operators can choose from several options — with or without a stainless steel frame, a glass plate for keeping dishes hot or cold, or the new Dekton work surface, which is available in various finishes. With the clever two in- one solution from Hupfer, buffet planning can be achieved in the smallest of spaces.

Automatic cleaning system for skillet pans without chemicals
MKN’s FlexiChef sets a new milestone in hygiene thanks to SpaceClean, which removes the need for tedious and time-consuming cleaning of the skillet pan. SpaceClean is the first automatic cleaning system for pans and a new feature for FlexiChef. A chemical-free solution, it uses up to 70 percent less water than manual methods, hygienically cleaning the pan in just two minutes (excluding setup time). This automatic cleaning system uses just 26 liters of water to clean the pan.
Until recently, cleaning in kitchens was a time-consuming activity that was often seen as a burden for staff. SpaceClean cleans the pan with almost no effort, helping to increase productivity and boost employee morale. The SpaceClean cleaning system also supports commercial goals, saving approximately 190 hours of work time each year. When multiplying this by an average employee’s salary, SpaceClean pays for itself in the first year. In addition, cleaning costs are eliminated, as intermediate cleaning with SpaceClean requires no chemicals.

Not your ordinary GN container
Rieber’s Thermoplate is a new design of GN pan, made with thermal highly functional SWISS-PLY multilayer material. With the inner aluminum core between two stainless steel layers, the SWISS-PLY multilayer material achieves conductivity levels up to 10 times higher than pure stainless steel.

A hood that cleans itself
The PerformAir Hood embodies GINOX’s pioneering and innovative spirit. Since the company developed its first-generation self-cleaning hoods, Swiss technology has evolved in an environmentally sustainable direction to meet the needs of our planet. The patented EcoClean biotechnological cleaning solution and clay ball filtration remove all grease from the discharged air.
This is further enhanced by an innovative double intake panel system, which naturally increases the efficiency of the hood and halves the annual maintenance costs for the ventilation equipment. The GINOX PerformAir Hood substantially improves fire safety with its patented, TUV-certified clay ball filter.
Further sustainable contributions are made with the self-cleaning automated control cabinet. The GINOX cabinet drastically reduces daily water consumption and can control up to nine hoods independently. The wash cycle is fully programmable according to the operational requirements, and an additional layer of fire safety can be added with a “mist on demand” function, perfect for solid-fuel cooking applications. The mist option cools the exhaust plenum, which further improves air efficiency.

Helge Peter Pahlke,
managing partner at KDREI.

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