Eyeing global markets with Rabih Fakhreddine of 7 Management

Eyeing global markets with Rabih Fakhreddine of 7 Management

Rabih Fakhreddine, founder and CEO of 7 Management

Rabih Fakhreddine’s strategic vision for international brand expansion embodies his commitment to pioneering hospitality excellence globally. In this exclusive interview, the founder and CEO of 7 Management talks about his plans and how he intends to venture into new markets.

What can you tell us about 7 Management’s vision to expand with international brands?

7 Management’s expansion with international brands reflects our legacy of forward-thinking leadership. This leadership has been the cornerstone of our business from day one. Originating from Lebanon and later establishing a strong presence in Dubai, we’ve consistently embraced innovation and growth. Even amid the challenges of Covid-19, we’ve fearlessly pursued opportunities. Furthermore, we have acquired established brands and incubated homegrown concepts. Moreover, with extensive experience in creating standout hospitality offerings, entering the international market is a logical progression. Just as Dubai once represented an international leap for us, now we extend our reach globally. Our vision is to leverage our expertise and reputation to curate exceptional experiences worldwide. We aim to enrich our footprint and elevate the standards of hospitality on a global scale.

What are the key factors you consider when selecting a brand to bring under the 7 Management umbrella?

We have worked hard to reach a position that we can go after brilliant brands to join the 7 Management family. We prioritize partnering with the most prestigious names in the industry, celebrated for their impeccable reputation on a global stage. Reputation is paramount, as we expand our horizons in the hospitality sector both regionally and internationally. Furthermore, we seek brands that embody excellence, innovation and a commitment to unparalleled guest experiences. Our success as a hospitality business stems from our dedication to quality, and collaborating with renowned international brands ensures we maintain that standard across the board. By aligning with the best, we not only elevate our offerings but also reinforce our position as an industry leader.

How do you ensure that the core values and identity of each brand are maintained during the expansion process?

At 7 Management, our expansion process prioritizes preserving the core values and identity of each brand. Leveraging our extensive hospitality expertise, we tailor our process to reflect the ethos of each brand while adhering to best practices. Moreover, we recognize the importance of flexibility, allowing us to adapt strategies to maintain brand integrity. Furthermore, there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter approach; each concept has its own set of SOPs that must be adhered to. Our core values remain steadfast throughout; these never change so everyone is in the loop. Ultimately, central to our ethos is recruiting exceptional talent, empowering our team and crafting unforgettable guest experiences.

What are the biggest challenges you face when entering new markets?

Entering new international hospitality markets presents exciting growth opportunities, accompanied by unique challenges. Understanding diverse preferences and expectations of target clientele and navigating unfamiliar market dynamics are key hurdles. Nonetheless, we view these challenges as avenues for innovation and adaptation. Furthermore, each market offers valuable insights enriching our understanding of global hospitality trends and consumer behavior. Moreover, embracing these challenges, we refine strategies and tailor offerings to resonate with local tastes. This fosters cultural appreciation and strengthens our position as a versatile player in international hospitality. Ultimately, overcoming these challenges allows us to forge meaningful guest connections worldwide, enriching experiences and fostering long-lasting relationships across borders.

Are there any new markets that 7 Management is particularly excited about for future expansions?

7 Management is eagerly eyeing global markets for expansion, with exciting ventures on the horizon. Synonymous with the South of France’s joie de vivre, Bagatelle will grace Athens’ prestigious Astir Marina in Q4 2024, marking a significant move in our international growth. At Sindalah, NEOM’s luxury island in KSA, seven distinct restaurant concepts managed by 7 Management in collaboration with Joël Robuchon will offer diverse themes and cuisines, adding another layer of fine dining to our portfolio. Furthermore, we are pleased to announce our collaboration with Scalini as we assume franchise ownership and embark on its expansion into Beirut and Greece. Meanwhile, Dubai anticipates its inaugural Meat The Fish, nestled in Jumeirah Marsa Al Arab, showcasing the brand’s Lebanese roots and international allure. In an exciting move, 7 Management is also expanding the Em Sherif brand by partnering with ADIHH. The joint venture has successfully acquired the franchise rights for both Em Sherif Restaurant and Em Sherif Sea Café in the UAE, marking the much-anticipated introduction of Dubai’s first Em Sherif Sea Café and promising to elevate seaside dining experiences.


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