Fulcrum wins

Fulcrum wins

Fulcrum; LBACC’s restaurant management division at Rafic Hariri International Airport, had good reason to celebrate this year after being awarded the highest number of gold medals at Salon Culinaire and third place in the Lebanese Barista Championship. Executive chef Camille Wehbe was also awarded as an active member of the Académie Nationale de Cuisine, Ile de France, at HORECA 2019

Fulcrum was established in 2004 to manage and operate, exclusively, all Food & Beverage Outlets at Rafic Hariri International Airport (R.H.I.A), Beirut, Lebanon, on behalf of L.B.A.C.C sal/ MEA.

Fulcrum shares its passion for food across all its concepts and its goal is to introduce and discover new innovative trends in the food industry and to offer healthy, fresh, quality food.

Fulcrum created four restaurant concepts implemented in ten locations throughout the airport departures and arrival areas. The concepts are:
CAFEMATIK: High Quality Salads, Sandwiches, Baked Goods and Coffee.
AKLE: Canteen style restaurant catering to full range of customers; from airport employees to travelling guests. Menu incorporates Eastern and Western cuisines. Shawarma, Mezze, Hamburgers, Multiple Daily Specials.
SALT: Gourmet offering such as seafood (Caviar, Heart of Salmon and Sushi) gourmet menu ( Foie Gras, Vitello Tonnato , wild Cod burgers and beef Angus burgers), Salads, Sandwiches and Specialty Pastries designed by master chef Charles Azar and executed by our chefs at the airport.
BALKOUMI: Mediterranean specialties rooted in Lebanese cuisine. It provides customers the opportunity to enjoy a healthy, high quality, varied meal. Offers cold and hot Mezze (Hummos, Mutabal, Manakish, Falafel and Shawarma…)

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All food is prepared every day from the ISO 22000 certified Central Kitchen located inside the airport. To maintain freshness, food is prepared according to demand and replenished, as required, around the clock. Fulcrum takes pride in using Eco- Friendly packaging and partners with the UN organization; Global Compact Network Lebanon.


Youmna Ashkar
General manager


Camille Wehbe
Executive Chef

Hassan Tarabay
Finance manager

Izzat Malas
Operations manager

Mohamed Fahess
Quality & Audit manager

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