Ksara’s GM Dikran Ghazal talks strategy

Ksara’s GM Dikran Ghazal talks strategy


A Toast to an Ancient Art



In an interview with Ksara’s new general manager, Dikran Ghazal, HN discussed how far the company has come since inception, where it stands in terms of market share/exports, the strategies it employs and its tactics for catering to Millennials


As the country’s oldest winery, Château Ksara remains committed to continuing the unique, centuries-old practice of winemaking and implementing the newest and most innovative processes, with the aim of leading the local market for generations to come.
“Today, Château Ksara can claim 40 percent of local market share and 27 percent of the total market, if you include foreign wines,” Ghazal said. “Abroad, Château Ksara has consistently taken the lion’s share of Lebanese wine exports. Bear in mind that the company is present in over 35 countries.”
To further strengthen its ties with the community and retailers, and to obtain the status of premium brand in the minds of consumers, the company has gone to great lengths to ensure that its offerings and services are the best possible quality. On that note and in a bid to further raise awareness, Ghazal said, “We have always sought to strengthen relations with our retailers and end users. With our finger always on the pulse, we sensed that despite the enthusiasm for wine in the Lebanese market, there was also a lack of knowledge.”


He went on to explain that to counter this, Château Ksara introduced an internationally recognized Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) program of qualifications through a partnership to provide and develop high-quality education and training in wines and spirits to hospitality students and wine lovers from all backgrounds.
With a focus on catering to a diverse audience, especially given the growing number of local and international players entering the market, Château Ksara works to maintain an edge and keep interest high through innovation. “We have invested significant time and money into researching and understanding different marketing segments based on lifestyle, tastes, age and income, in order to accurately develop and market our products,” he said. “Another key factor that supports the brand’s vision is its ability to customize products to meet the needs of individual markets and to cater to all tastes and budgets. Château Ksara will continue to tailor its product line to meet the needs of the younger consumer through innovation.”


Getting the right product into the right hands in timely fashion is the foundation of any successful company, something Château Ksara is well aware of. “Our competitive advantage is built on product, service and brand attributes,” Ghazal said. “We embed the company’s culture in the market and ensure that high standards for customer service and product quality are maintained at each new and established local store.”
Another strategy employed by Château Ksara that has boosted traffic to its scenic headquarters in the Bekaa valley and is helping to drive it forward is its digital presence. “In 2016, Château Ksara was ranked the third-most visited site by the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism, notching up 16,500 foreigners out of a total of 66,000 visitors, rising to 75,000 in the first 10 months of 2017,” he explained. “With annual growth in double digits, we are highly optimistic about what the future holds.”

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