Influential hotelier: Amanda Elder

Influential hotelier: Amanda Elder

Amanda Elder
Chief Commercial Officer and
member of the Kempinski Hotels
Management Board

If you were to summarize your career in one sentence, what would you say?
A career globetrotter with a genuine passion for luxury hospitality and connecting with people from all walks of life.

What is your most eagerly anticipated project?
The launch of Discovery 2.0 – the new and enhanced version of our loyalty program. As I am serving on both the shareholders board and the Marketing Advisory Board of the Global Hotel Alliance, it is exciting to be instrumental in shaping the future of loyalty for Kempinski.

What qualities define a true leader?
Trust in people, trust in themselves and having a clear vision for the company they are leading. With trust comes transparency and honesty that propels teamwork to a completely new level.

What would you like to be known for in the industry?
What I say is what I do and my promises are kept. That my people know I have their back at all times, and that I am interested and care about their wellbeing while we strive to achieve our goals together.

Where does the company stand in terms of its growth trajectory and its strategy for the MENA region?
Kempinski Hotels continues to strengthen its international foothold as a leading luxury hospitality operator. The strong pipeline of new projects that expands the group’s presence in exciting destinations worldwide includes, among others, prestigious hotels in the Middle East and Africa. In order to meet the growing demand for wellness and to offer guests an even wider range of services, Kempinski Hotels has lately acquired all outstanding shares of Resense Spa not already held by the group. Resense is a company focused on sustainable wellness solutions, and Kempinski Hotels will use the company’s infrastructure and expertise to further integrate wellness into its operations globally.


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