60 seconds with Sultan Al Otaibi, CEO, Dur Hospitality

60 seconds with Sultan Al Otaibi, CEO, Dur Hospitality

Sultan Al Otaibi
CEO, Dur Hospitality

If you were to summarize your career in one sentence, what would you say?
The hospitality industry has gone through numerous changes over the past years imposed by emerging technologies, trends and events, most prominently the Covid-19 pandemic. Shifting guest perceptions and preferences have taught us to embrace dynamism, flexibility and innovation to rapidly adapt to those changes and stay relevant and successful.

What is your most eagerly anticipated project?
We take pride in all of our projects, especially the Marriott DQ Hotel. Regarded as the first Golden LEED-certified hotel in KSA, it sets the standards for green and sustainable hospitality in Saudi Arabia, a key aspect that we are continually striving to incorporate into all our strategies and offerings.

How would you describe your leadership style?
I place the greatest emphasis on employee engagement, motivation, and inclusivity by ensuring that all of our teams are presented with a positive work environment and enriching training opportunities to nurture their career development and maximize satisfaction and loyalty. Empowered employees mean greater productivity and enhanced creativity, ultimately leading to outstanding success.

What is your biggest career achievement to date?
Achieving continued growth for Dur, directing the development of countless noteworthy projects and successfully navigating the company during the pandemic to swiftly adopt avant-garde sanitation practices and a heightened integration of digital transformation, thus positioning Dur and the overall Saudi hospitality industry as an example of sector excellence.

Where does the company stand in terms of its growth trajectory and its strategy for the MENA region?
KSA is an emerging business and leisure destination, enjoying a unique pilgrimage market where Dur is focused on expanding its dedicated Makarem Hotels brand. We seek to meet an anticipated spike in demand while offering top-notch services that cater to religious tourists in the kingdom’s holy cities as well as the domestic market and anticipated international guests.


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