Enhancing the culinary landscape with Mohammed Abdulrahman Jawa, chairman of MJS Holding

Enhancing the culinary landscape with Mohammed Abdulrahman Jawa, chairman of MJS Holding

Mohammed Abdulrahman Jawa possesses 20 years of experience in bringing international luxury restaurants to Saudi Arabia. As the inaugural partner of renowned groups like Azumi and Paris Society, his contribution promises to redefine Saudi hospitality. In this exclusive interview, we discuss his role as chairman of MJS Holding and exciting projects on the horizon.

If you were to introduce MJS Holding, what would you say?

MJS is a company dedicated to enhancing dining experiences across all types of restaurants, from luxury to casual. Moreover, we are focused on every aspect of the dining experience, including food, service, design, atmosphere and music. Additionally, MJS’s goal is to ensure customers enjoy exceptional experiences in each of these areas, regardless of the restaurant’s category. Furthermore, our work involves collaborating with a global range of dining establishments to achieve this aim.

What are the biggest challenges faced by MJS Holding?

One of our main challenges at MJS is that some of our initiatives are ahead of their time. Despite this, we continue venturing into new or developing locations that aren’t fully yet established. Moreover, we aim to set a high standard, often comparing ourselves to international restaurants, which can be challenging. Additionally, this ambition impacts every aspect of our business, whether it is ensuring our team remains committed throughout the entire journey to managing customer expectations for steady growth. In summary, our biggest challenge is time itself. However, we believe in the value of patience and gradual development, which contrasts with the fast-paced expectations prevalent in today’s market. Nonetheless, we are confident that this approach will align with market attitudes in the future.

What is the company’s most cherished project to date and why?

Choosing a favorite restaurant is tough because we treasure all of them. However, I have a personal favorite that I’d rather keep to myself, since it’s a sensitive choice.

Nevertheless, when it comes to projects, we’re really excited about KAFD. It’s more than just opening restaurants for us. Moreover, we’re proud of KAFD because we helped build something special in a place where there was nothing before. It’s one of our standout achievements. Additionally, I would like to add that we are very excited to be part of some upcoming developments such as Neom, Red Sea and Diriyah.

How is MJS Holding living up to its reputation of enriching the KSA’s culinary scene?

When it comes to the culinary scene, MJS is deeply committed to maintaining and enhancing our reputation through our focus on gastronomy. Furthermore, we strive to represent the culinary arts effectively in the market, and we take pride in the quality of the food and the dining experiences offered by our restaurants. Additionally, this dedication to culinary excellence is a cornerstone of our identity in the industry. We acknowledge there are areas for improvement. However, we believe our ongoing efforts and commitment to quality ensure that we continue to uphold our strong reputation.

Do you have any new projects in the pipeline?

Regarding our upcoming projects, we have a vibrant lineup of new restaurants set to launch. We have several openings scheduled for later this year and the beginning of the next. Among these, Zuma stands out as a particularly thrilling venture we anticipate launching this year. In addition, we’re excited about introducing Jon and Vinny’s from Los Angeles and Arcade, a food hall from London. These establishments are poised to enrich the Saudi dining scene with offerings previously unavailable in the market.

Furthermore, our pipeline is robust and diverse, reflecting our commitment to bringing top international brands to Saudi Arabia. Our goal is to ensure these new entrants can meet and exceed customer expectations, thus we seek to provide familiar experiences to those known and loved worldwide. Furthermore, this strategy underscores our dedication to enhancing the culinary landscape in Saudi Arabia with innovative and high-quality dining options.


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Mohammed Abdulrahman Jawa  will be participating in a panel discussion during the Future Hospitality Summit (FHS) Saudi Arabia
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