Joumana Dammous-Salamé, managing director of Hospitality Services, honored by IRADA

Joumana Dammous-Salamé, managing director of Hospitality Services, honored by IRADA

It gives us the utmost pleasure to announce that Joumana Dammous-Salamé, managing director of Hospitality Services, was honored by the Federation of Businessmen for Support and Development (IRADA) for her exceptional contribution to improving and developing the tourism sector and the hospitality industry in Lebanon. Over the course of three decades, through various initiatives, projects and events, Dammous-Salamé has succeeded bringing professionals together to network, engage in dialog and enhance the country’s hospitality, foodservice and tourism industries. She has remained steadfast in her commitment to raising the profile of Lebanon, sharing a positive image of the country and elevating its reputation abroad.


In addition, Dammous-Salamé has succeeded in representing Lebanese brands overseas, thereby supporting the local industry and its entrepreneurs. As such, she was selected among a group of businessmen and women honored during IRADA’s ceremony, which took place on January 25, 2023, at Phoenicia Hotel Beirut, under the patronage and in the presence of Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati.

IRADA was established in 2013 to serve the Lebanese community and strengthen its identity.


Editor’s note:

Joumana Dammous – Salamé, co-founder and managing director of Hospitality Services & HSME, Vice President CCI France Liban, Board member RDCL- Rassemblement des Chefs d’Entreprises Libanais , Board member LFA – the Lebanese Franchise Association, Board member LBWA – Lebanese Business Women Association, Board member AMFORTH, Vice President CNT – Conseil National du Tourisme.

Voted Women of the Year in Business in 2004, she has won various awards for her contribution and her commitment in the industry she serves: Beirut Municipality: 2005, Ministry of Tourism: 2007, Lebanese Industrialists Association: 2011, Federation of Chambers of Commerce: 2013. Salamé holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Lebanese American University and an MBA in Marketing from Université Saint Joseph.

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