Mohamed Najia celebrates 40 years in the hospitality industry with a new book

Mohamed Najia celebrates 40 years in the hospitality industry with a new book

Mohamed Najia, a master in hospitality, has released a new publication detailing decades of service to the hospitality industry.

In his memoir, which includes a number of achievements such as his role as hospitality and tourism advisor, hospitality arbitrator and member of the board of directors of the International Hotel & Restaurant Association Arbitration Center, Najia recounts his journey, founding, operating and managing several entities and establishments.

The decorated hospitality professional has received a number of prestigious awards, including a medal of merit from Académie Française de Cuisine and a recognition award from Kuwait Humanitarian and Friendship Society. He has also been recognized by the World Tourism Organization.

Najia’s experience in the sector spans decades. He was instrumental in negotiating many large projects, such as the Hilton Kuwait Resort; Copthorne Hotel and Resort – Al Jahra, Kuwait, Novotel Makkah Mashaer Hotel, Hotel Al Maqam Tower Makkah, Dar Al Medina Project in Medina and Intercontinental Hotel and Resort in Dana Bay, Al Khobar, KSA.

Reflecting on his career, Najia said: “The hospitality and tourism sector has received great praise. However, my experience working in the sector has enabled me to discover that success is also about believing in human values and not in making profit only, increasing assets and popularity in a world where countries and continents are closer than ever before in trade, investments and global tourism.

After 40 years in the business, I have come to the conclusion that serving guests, visitors and tourists, whether in restaurants, hotels, resorts, airlines or travel facilities, is more than just a duty and even more than material gains that are measured by numbers and return on investments. As long as leaders in this industry consider hospitality and tourism as a long-term social investment, they will continue to feel as if they are creating a world that is magical and rewarding at the same time.”

Commenting on the book, Ghazi F. Alnafisi, chairman of the Kuwait Hotel Owners Association, said: “This book highlights the fact that Mohamed is an example to us all. His journey, contributions and successes are indispensable to the story of the tourism and hospitality industry when referenced in writings regionally and globally.”

To read the book, click here.

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