MKN’s Tactfully-Clean Approach

MKN’s Tactfully-Clean Approach



Elias Rached, Regional VP Middle East and Africa, MKN remarked on his latest promotion, the company’s latest projects and future innovation to be revealed this year

“My recent promotion is a very challenging one, which will allow me to better immerse myself in the business side of the kitchen industry. This, for me, is truly an achievement, as it will afford me a more accurate overview to better create forward-thinking strategies for the company. Between 2019-2020, in collaboration with our loyal suppliers, worked on three significant projects in KSA for palaces and completed the new Jeddah Airport. In Qatar, we have new projects for Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Millennium Hotel and GW Marriott, in addition to Oasis Qatar. In Dubai, the company installed the biggest kitchen in the Middle East with the capacity of serving 100,000 daily meals using our Flexi Chef and Flexi-Combi, in addition Elias Rached to our horizontal equipment. We also are working on the Marriot, Saint Regis, Hilton and Jumeirah Gate at The Palm. In Bahrain two private palaces were outfitted with all kitchens furnished by our Kuchenmeister made especially for our customers. In terms of new offerings, MKN is very mindful and aware of its clients’ needs and works tirelessly to ensure that novel innovation benefits them most. For that specific reason, the company always introduces new innovations every other year and this April we will do so at Gulfhost Dubai with our new Space-Combi for different categories. Furthermore, we will also introduce the newest version of Flexichef. In conclusion I would like to say that MKN is always in competition with itself in terms of constantly trying to better its offerings and that goes a long way to insure healthy, smart and clean competition. Lastly, and more importantly, MKN works hard to constantly introduce new products for the sole purpose of evolving the F&B industry and ensuring the best kind of competition for our clients’ benefit.”

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