Hospitality Titan Nouhad Dammous Honored by Vresso

Hospitality Titan Nouhad Dammous Honored by Vresso

Le Bristol Hotel Beirut was the venue for a ceremony that holds a special meaning for the attending professionals who in their own right, are masters of their craft.

The event at Le Bristol Hotel Beirut was hosted by Vresso, one of Lebanon’s oldest companies offering the hospitality industry a total solutions’ package for food and laundry equipment. In his opening speech, the company’s CEO, Vrej Sabounjian said, “Today, we honor a visionary and pioneer of the hospitality and tourism industry who is one of Lebanon’s biggest success stories. To me passion and love in relation to this profession are directly interlinked to him. His ability to develop and grow the institutions is second to none, especially at a time when the challenges and obstacles were far too many to list and the industry he was catering to, still in its infancy. The biggest challenge I see today is modernizing Lebanese cuisine to suit the global palette and I am fairly certain he will be part in that evolution one way or another. To the industry, he will always be a reference and a never-ending treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom.”

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Present at the Le Bristol Hotel Beirut was Avedis Guidanian, Lebanese minister of tourism and a former employee of Vresso, seized the opportunity, took to the podium and said, “I consider Hospitality Services my second school and Nouhad Dammous a great mentor who has had a tremendous impact that partly shaped the man I am today. I could not have imagined myself in better company. Hospitality is in our DNA and the industry that he pioneered will always be in our hearts and minds. This evening I am honored and humbled by his presence.”

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