Talabat & Dubai Restaurant Group launch Digital Growth Program

Talabat & Dubai Restaurant Group launch Digital Growth Program

Talabat and Dubai Restaurant Group (DRG) have signed a memorandum of understanding to support 500 qualified DRG member applicants that meet set criteria with special talabat registration packages.

The collaboration represents a two-year commitment between the entities to support and strengthen the food and beverage sector in Dubai, and allows DRG members a unique opportunity to expand business visibility and reach through talabat’s customer database and logistics network. As part of the agreement, qualified DRG members are eligible for a specialized talabat commercial package, which includes reduced registration and commission fees.

Talabat’s revised fees and commission for those availing the Digital Growth Program are as follows: commission of 5.3 percent and AED 8.40 delivery fee per order, as well as 2 percent credit card fees or cash handling fees. There will also be a AED 2,324 registration fee for new partners joining talabat.

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Only registered DRG-registered members who meet the qualifying criteria are eligible to apply for the program. The criteria include having a valid DRG membership for a minimum period of three months and working with talabat as the preferred delivery partner. The program is only available to the first 500 DRG members who avail it and it will be valid for two years from the date of signing an MOU.

DRG members already registered with talabat must have operational proficiencies as follows: Vendor Delay of more than five minutes of less than 15 percent, a net fail rate (restaurant fault) of less than 0.5 percent and a Food Is Ready Button Usage of more than 75 percent.

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