The Lebanese Business Council in Kuwait appointed Chairman and two deputies

The Lebanese Business Council in Kuwait appointed Chairman and two deputies

The Lebanese Embassy approved the appointment of a chairman and two deputy-chairmen of the Lebanese Business Council in Kuwait.



The Embassy endorsed the unanimous recommendation of the constituent Board of Directors to appoint Ali Khalil as chairman of the Council. Mohamed Najia and Charles Yunis are appointed as Deputy Chairmen, thus completing the organizational procedures of establishing the Lebanese Business Council in Kuwait.

The Embassy had announced at the beginning of the year the establishment of the Lebanese Business Council in Kuwait and the appointment of a board of trustees and a constituent Board of Directors for the Council.

The main objective of the Council is to stimulate the economic and social relations between Lebanon and Kuwait through work committees specialized in the area of investment, trade exchange, services and technology innovation startups.

The committees are in the process of setting a work plan to promote goods and services between Lebanon and Kuwait, attract investments and energize tourism to Lebanon.


The Council looks forward to having a constructive and positive role through developing programs to encourage the Lebanese community to be morally committed to the Kuwaiti society by embracing and participating in social volunteer campaigns. The Lebanese resident enjoys the rights of the guest, but his duties are those of the Kuwaiti citizen.

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The Council has recently launched several initiatives to deal with the impact of the novel Coronavirus pandemic including the website ‘Lebanese for Kuwait’ to enable members of the Lebanese community to volunteer in the ‘Bainatna Khobz and Malh’ (We have shared bread and salt ) and to offer their expertise to the State of Kuwait as a token of gratitude and appreciation of the generosity and safety afforded to them by this honorable country. The Council has also initiated, in cooperation with the Kuwait Red Crescent, the “Lebanese People’s Campaign to Confront the Novel Coronavirus “, and provided assistance, in cooperation with Kuwaiti charities, to a number of Lebanese hard-ups.




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