U-Food’s road to success

U-Food’s road to success

U-Food, a distributor of international FMCG products, has established itself as a market leader over the past 27 years. The firm imports goods from over 20 countries and represents around 50 renowned multinational food companies. Here, Mazen Noureddine, general manager of U-Food, tells us more about the road to success and upcoming projects.

What makes U-Food successful?
Since the day the company was founded, our goal has been to offer quality products at affordable prices and outstanding service. After almost three decades, and thanks to our team’s engagement and suppliers’ trust, we have become a key player in the fresh food market.


How do you select which brands to import?
Superior quality is not always easy to source. To select the best, we always study market trends and attend international fairs to find new products to add to our portfolio.


Have you released any new products recently?
We have several in the pipeline, especially for Lebanon, where we are trying to adapt to market changes and the demand for more affordable products.


Besides Lebanon, U-Food is also present in Jordan, Qatar, and Kuwait. What characterizes these markets?
Jordan is a stable market with limited change and slow growth, while Qatar has a lower population with high purchasing power. As for Kuwait, it is the largest and most competitive market but with limited availability of high-end products due to strict import regulations.


Do you have plans to expand?
Our last expansion dates back a few years, with the opening of our Kuwait branch. We are currently concentrating our efforts on improving the service we deliver in our existing four markets in the Middle East. Furthermore, we are developing sales at U-Group, our export company based in France.




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