Ayman Baky to open his third Sachi restaurant amid pandemic

Ayman Baky to open his third Sachi restaurant amid pandemic

Even though the restaurants’ industry has been globally severely hit by the pandemic, and most restaurants, and specifically those in Egypt, have been cutting down expenses, laying off staff, and even closing down restaurants, still, Ayman Baky is doing things differently, by introducing a new branch of its Sachi restaurants. 

“To stay closer and please our guests, we needed to change up our tune a little bit,” said Baky. “We decided on a new location, a new vibe — really, new everything, while keeping in the Sachi brand and all that made this brand famous for.” 

Baky said the new restaurant will have an expanded menu, offering new Mediterranean fusion dishes while keeping all the Heliopolis menu favorites, like the Chateaubriand, the Salmon Salad or the Sachi Fries.

Top Chef Reif Othman, the restaurant’s culinary advisor, introduces a whole new concept to the restaurant; The Robata Grill, Robatayaki in Japanese. This cooking method is similar to a barbecue in which food items are cooked at varying speeds over hot charcoal. 

“Sachi Heliopolis catered to an older demographic,” said Roulla Soussou, PR & marketing manager. “It was more about being hands-on, fine dining with the guest, low-key music in the background. With the new place, that’s changing. The vibe will be much different and will target more younger guests.” 

Sachi Heliopolis is Ayman Baky’s first and oldest restaurant, founded in 2014. After the Egyptian revolution, Baky decided to open the first neighborhood fine dining restaurant in Heliopolis. This concept did not exist at this time, especially after an era where everyone was trying to rebuild themselves from the revolution’s aftermath. 

Sachi brand keeps growing to keep offering the best of the dining experience across Egypt. The Sachi brand owns two restaurants, Sachi Heliopolis and Sachi by the Sea.

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Baky is also bringing his internationally acclaimed style of authentic and modern Mediterranean fusion food to Park St., in Sheikh Zayed City. 

If the current construction plan stays on track, Sachi Park St should be open for business beginning of the year 2021. 

On another level, Baky Hospitality restaurants debuted vegan menu options for the first time ever.

The entire portfolio of Baky Hospitality Group’s restaurants: Sachi, Kazoku, and Lexie’s will be officially launching their first-ever vegan menu. Plant-based options are almost unheard of in the fine-dining scene in Cairo, however, Baky’s restaurants put their foot forward to make everyone feel welcomed.

Diners will enjoy a complete vegan menu with salads, appetizers, and their signature vegan sushi. Chef Ashour, Sachi restaurant’s Head Chef, is excited about the restaurant’s newest vegan menu items. “We spent a great deal of time in the kitchen perfecting the recipes. We are proud of what we have done and are eagerly looking forward to our guest to try it,” he said. “Our collaboration represents a major step forward for plant-based food innovation, a great example to set for the rest of the fine dining restaurants in Egypt. The demand for plant-based options in Egypt is increasing. Our goal of always meeting the guest expectations has to stay our priority. We will do that by welcoming veganism into the world of fine dining,” concluded Baky.


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