Coffee & Tea – Monin

Coffee & Tea – Monin

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What specific syrups has the brand created for coffee-based drinks?
When it comes to coffee, MONIN launched Nougat Syrup and Tatin, or Caramel Apple Sauce, this year, to bring back memories of the simple, yet loved-by-everyone, flavors. We’ve also added MONIN L’Artiste – the new range of toppings, specifically designed for Latte Art. It turns any barista into an artist, allowing the creation of that ‘wow’ effect.

What inventive recipes for baristas and chefs has the brand concocted?
*RAF coffee has its roots in Russia, where a gentleman called Rafael preferred his latte with a splash of cream for a thick, indulgent texture. Rafael was a frequent coffee shop visitor and, thanks to him, this new recipe became part of the menu in many coffee shops across Russia. Just a year later, the trend had spread to all the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries and spilled over into Australia, the UK and the Czech Republic.

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What do you expect to be a sought-after flavor in the coming year?
We have successfully launched MONIN Beetroot Pure a few months ago in Europe and Lebanon and we look forward to rolling out this product to the rest of the Middle East in 2019. The veggie trend is also on the rise, due to the growing popularity of vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.

What kinds of coffee are in vogue?
Flavored nitro coffees and flavored cold brew coffees are becoming increasingly popular. MONIN has launched its Orange Spritz Syrup this year, and progressive coffee lovers prefer using it in their nitro coffees for the citrus tangy flavors it gives the beverage.


Olga Cassidy
Trade Marketing Manager, MEIA

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