Don’t miss MKN’s webinar to know more about SpaceCombi

Don’t miss MKN’s webinar to know more about SpaceCombi

MKN is offering its clients and industry stakeholders the opportunity to discover and experience the MKN SpaceCombi family in one of the company’s digital webinars.

“In our numerous social media accounts we pick up on many of these small kitchen stories. In addition, we present our intelligent product solutions and the numerous features of our appliances, which not only allow great flexibility, but also optimize your kitchen processes,” said Elssy Zeini, office manager at MKN.

“In our new MKN Digital series, you can now experience the MKN world of cooking live.  On our Facebook and Instagram channels, live streams will be presented on various dates. Our sales professionals and consulting chefs will be reporting on MKN equipment, various cooking methods and individual food products. While our chefs prepare a variety of dishes, you‘ll be able to gain deeper insight into the world of MKN professional cooking technology. We warmly invite you to take part in our interactive digital events and ask your own questions in our live chat.”

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