How important is to integrate pest management services in the hospitality industry

How important is to integrate pest management services in the hospitality industry

With the economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic starting to take shape, all industries are focused on safely reopening. Consumer awareness is at an all time high with concerns of viral exposure driving their decision to resume activities such as dining out, vacationing, staying at resorts and hotels, and visiting social gathering venues. In addition to consumer confidence playing an important role in recovery, government regulatory agencies are requiring public safety measures to be followed by establishing guidelines for reopening in an effort to ensure the health and safety of the public. In fact, there are many regulations that have been established to protect the public from health risks associated with viral, bacterial, and fungal microorganisms, many of which are spread by pests. Although the general public may not be aware of the specific diseases spread by pests, there is an awareness that the presents of pests are associated with health risks, and an overall perception of unsanitary conditions. 

The hospitality industry is especially vulnerable to customer perception of the sanitary and health related conditions of the places they stay, eat, and socialize. Just one poor online review of a pest sighting such as a roach, rodent, flies, or bed bugs can have an incredible negative impact on consumer confidence. A food borne illness traced back to a restaurant or other hospitality venue could have overwhelming negative results. 

The importance of a quality integrated pest management program cannot be overstated. But what should you expect from your Pest Management Provider to ensure a quality service? Truly Nolen International has developed a program called TEPS or Truly Elite Protection System that is customized to meet the needs of different industries such as, food production, food retail, medical facilities, warehousing, educational institutions, residential and hotel/resorts. Each Truly Elite Service is based on an Integrated Pest Management approach and customized to meet the requirements of the given industry. Disinfection services that include application of approved disinfectants, as well consultation and training for customers and their employees are offered for customers who would benefit from those services.   

Some Important Features of Truly Elite Protection System

* Qualified Personnel:

Each central office has a Technical Manager of Auditable Accounts who holds a degree or certification of previous work history in the field of food engineering, food processing, food technology or related field.

Each office has supervisors who answer directly to the Technical Manager. Each supervisor is specialized in the execution and reporting of HACCP/IPM services. The supervisors continuously work with and review all work carried out by technicians.

All technicians assigned to Truly Elite accounts have verifiable training in IPM, HACCP and GMP. 

* Truly Nolen Custom Training:

Our technical support team travels worldwide to ensure quality service, provide training, and evaluate local ongoing training programs. In addition, Bi-Annual conventions are held bringing Truly Nolen management and technical teams from the entire world together for training seminars and conferences. 

Our online training library is continually updated and is a source of reference for our staff. This library supports on-going training for our locations worldwide. 

* Virtual Training Center:  

Our Virtual Training Center allows in depth training in real time at locations all around the world. Webinar training sessions allow for TNI technical training staff to reach all locations and directly interact with attendees. Virtual training is also offered to our customers and their employees.

* TNI Compliance Audits:

Initial compliance and periodic compliance audits ensure all franchise locations meet and adhere to strict standards when offering and performing our Truly Elite Protection System service for our clients. These audits ensure our offices around the world consistently provide the highest quality Integrated Pest Management service for our customers. Audits ensure personnel qualifications, protocols, documentation, trend analysis, and overall quality maintain the high standards set forth in our Truly Elite Protection System. 

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* Quality Assurance Supervision App:

Truly Nolen’s exclusive supervision software application allows for the supervisor to electronically document observations when on site QC evaluation inspections are carried out. Because the app prompts the supervisor to provide information regarding all aspects of the service it ensures complete quality control review. In addition, the report generated is inclusive of all information gathered. 

* QR Code Reader:

This electronic data collection system ensures all monitoring devices are checked and accurate information regarding pest activity is available for trending analysis. If a monitoring device is somehow overlooked the system alerts us.

* Report Creation:  

The Truly Nolen TEPS program provides reporting documentation needed for food safety audits. Specific documents are required for audits. These documents serve to verify that requisite programs are completed as written as well as used to analyze information. Our TEPS reports are created using software that collects information from handwritten service reports, our Quality Assurance Supervision App and our QR code reader.

* VIP Page:

Truly Nolen’s exclusive VIP page allows for all of the customers’ needed documents to be electronically filed and stored. The customer has instant access to their account information. 

* TEPS Indicator:

One of the unique features of the Truly Nolen Elite Protection System is our TEPS Indicator.

Analyzing information from identified real or potential vulnerabilities, and trends in pest

activity, a formulated numerical grade is calculated each month.

* Vulnerability Index Table:

This easy to read chart allows for management of recommended improvements to control physical or operational vulnerabilities. 

* Flying Insect Monitoring: 

Our reports provide information regarding flying insect activity that exceeds reported information in most other programs. This information is available for analysis in an easy to read format on the report’s Flying Insect Monitoring Tables. 

* Flying Insect Identification:

 Flying insects are identified by categories, predominant insects and specific insects of interest. Scientific identification and behavioral information is provided regarding these insects. 

* Exterior and Interior Rodent Monitoring: 

Exterior and interior rodent monitoring stations are new and exclusive Truly Nolen designs. Information documented when monitoring is compiled for report creation. Our reports provide information regarding rodent activity that exceeds reported information in most other programs. This information is available for analysis in an easy to read format on the report’s Rodent Monitoring Tables. 

* Historical Trending Analysis: 

Information taken from monthly reports is compiled to provide historical trending analysis. Trends are shown for interior and exterior rodent activity, flying insect activity and TEPS indicators. These trends are shown not only for consolidated activity of devices as found in other programs, but also for each individual monitoring device. 

* Global Compliance: 

Our Truly Elite Protection System program meets and exceeds legal requirements and references set forth by:

 FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) – Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA) – European Commission’s Integrated Approach to Food Safety – European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) – Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) – Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Primus GFS – IFS – BRC Global – FSSC 22000 – SQF – GRMS Private Standards – Silliker Labs – AIB International – NSF Codex – ISO 22000 and GMP’s  and others.

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