60 seconds with GWR’s Nabil Rizkallah

60 seconds with GWR’s Nabil Rizkallah

As economic sectors slowly go back to their routines while trying to cope with COVID-19, it is more important for businesses to reflect the safety measures they are adopting to earn back their consumers’ trust. This specifically applies to the F&B and hospitality industry which relies on human interaction and communication. HN chatted with Nabil Rizkallah, founder & CEO GWR Consulting to know more about their seals of quality.

GWR has been in the business since 2005, and has managed to maintain a leadership position in the MENA region when it comes to quality control and training, partnering with some of the best-known brands in the region to achieve continuous success. 

According to Rizkallah, GWR has always been a pioneer when it comes to providing topline services and implementing standards and quality systems that clients can rely on. It was a normal business development product to initiate a program that caters to COVID-19 pandemic. He believes that in this business, they are supposed to provide solutions to their clients problems. And that’s what they excel at. “COVID-19 safety seals are not new in GWR’s repertoire as they are aligned with the company’s core objective, which is putting high standards and safety first,” he explained.

He added: “We looked up all the references and standards, and we put together a comprehensive set of standards, allowing our customers to implement a complete quality control system, while allowing them to acknowledge and show it.” The company came up with a QR code that it integrates into its quality seal system to allow individuals to scan it and know if the standard is still active or not. Rizallah asserted that consumers want to know whether they are safe and protected in their favorite restaurant. 

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GWR’s sophisticated control system enables any business that buys this label to have access to global standards, self auditing digital tools, in addition to instant notifications about any breaches, among other services.

Rizkallah explained that upon launching the standard, they witnessed a rush in the sales in Lebanon and in Egypt. “Our customers were extremely happy and satisfied. On the weekend they started using it, they were able to double their sales because their clients required some sort of guarantee about their favorite restaurant.” 

Ending the discussion, Rizkallah said that the added value such standards bring is the quality, the reputation, and the credibility a business thrives to reflect.


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