Five minutes with Emma Banks, Hilton’s visionary hospitality executive

Five minutes with Emma Banks, Hilton’s visionary hospitality executive

Emma Banks, VP F&B strategy and development EMEA of Hilton, is a multi-award winner, guest writer and seasoned hospitality professional. We spoke to her about the challenges and opportunities the industry is current witnessing and her own experiences.

If you were to summarize your career into a few words, what you would say? 
I consider myself privileged to have worked in a challenging field that I love so much with fantastic people and having the opportunity to travel.

What has been your greatest professional achievement to date?
Being appointed VP of Hilton, a leading global hospitality company with passionate and talented team members and incredible corporate responsibility initiatives, was a milestone.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced at work?
Like many other people, adjusting to and leading my area of the business through the pandemic was immensely challenging. I had to dig deep and empower my wonderful team.

What advice would you give other women in the industry?
Have confidence and trust that you have earned your seat at the table. Surround yourself with great people, empower them and always have a plan.

Does Hilton have any exciting projects coming up?
Hilton has 372 hotels in the pipeline for EMEA, 86 of which are in the Middle East; each hotel has an average of three F&B spaces. My team and I continue to work relentlessly to deliver our vision, which is to make Hilton EMEA F&B the best in the world.

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