Fidel Cigars celebrates its 10-year anniversary

Fidel Cigars celebrates its 10-year anniversary

After the massive success of its first edition of Sunset Ash in 2019, Fidel Cigars, Lebanon’s most popular cigar and single malt lounge and bar, commemorated its 10-year anniversary on July 2, 2021, with the launch of its second edition of Sunset Ash event in collaboration with Oliva Cigars. The event took place at the beautiful sunset bar of Beit Misk, in the hills above Beirut.

More than 450 cigar aficionados attended the Fidel & Oliva event and enjoyed smoking three varieties of Oliva cigars, a leader in premium hand-rolled non-Cuban cigars (Serie G, V and O),  while admiring the stunning view, listening to a live band as well as DJ music and learning about the story of how Vandermarliere and Oliva partnership came to be.

During the evening, Danny Ibrahim, founder of Fidel Cigars, delivered a heartfelt message of thanks to the friends and family of Fidel Cigars, including Thomas Grison, export manager of J. Cortès and Oliva cigars, who was present.

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