House of Clouds launches first of many virtual brands

House of Clouds launches first of many virtual brands

Virtual Kitchen concept House of Clouds (HoC) has launched Kadwich, the first of its unique digital culinary brands, with more to come before the end of the year.

Kadwich, a Lebanese street food concept, offers a simple menu containing Lebanese-style sandwiches made with fresh and authentic ingredients. The Kadwich menu features a selection of salads, platters and combos, but it is the sandwiches that takes center stage.

“We are thrilled to be launching our first digital culinary brand with Kadwich – a concept we are confident in referring to as atyab men l Lebnene” (Much tastier than the usual Lebanese kitchens),” said Joseph Saade, managing partner of House of Clouds.

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Launched in early 2021, House of Clouds is a virtual kitchen that embraces a new vision of catering, adapting to the needs of customers and the constraints of the new world by constantly evolving to create new culinary concepts. Designed to be delivered, meals are always fresh and hand-crafted in HoC’s own kitchens, with their in-house culinary team using only the best quality ingredients.

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